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Five Minute Friday!


I met a group of ladies a week ago who a part of a unique an wonderful writing community. Five Minute Fridays is a chance for us to write for five minutes, unedited, on a prompt provided by our lovely hostess Lisa-Jo Baker. This is my first link-up (yeah, it’s Monday but the weekend was nuts!) so with nervous fingers I write about…


We names our son Johnathan.  The baby name books said his name meant “gift from God” and he certainly was that, a little bundle of smiles and big blue eyes we weren’t sure we could have.  Since then I have learned a better translation is “God is gracious.”  This seems even more appropriate.  His grace pours out daily through me and through this little man.  Grace covers the mistakes I make as a new mama.  Graces gently relieves me of the burden of perfection.  Grace gives me the joy to be a mama when I miss my job and my profession.

Grace is often defined as giving us what we don’t deserve.  Who of us deserves the privilege of  pushing new life into the world?  Of holding a tiny human that God knit together deep inside us?  Johnathan’s mere existence is a miracle of DNA and cells and chromosomes that takes my breath away.  That God would chose, would allow, women full of sin and shame and brokenness to bring new life into the world speaks a hope to my soul.  And for me, the woman who fervently declared she would never be a mom, who shied away from motherhood like it was a contagious plague, that He has allowed this pride-filled heart to love a son of my own is a shocking gift of kindness that makes no sense in the economy of earn-and-deserve.  He truly is gracious.

Five Minute Friday