Five Minute Friday: Garden


This edition of Five Minute Friday is pretty special.  Lisa-Jo Baker is opening the door for us to join her in funding the Maubane Community Center in South Africa.  This community holds a special place in her heart – and now in mine as she has shared how her story and their story intertwine.  I am joining her in holding the door open.  Won’t you come in?

veggies from garden


The smell of freshly turned earth literally makes my heart beat a little faster.  It is a heady smell that means spring and new life and fresh food and beautiful flowers.  I garden because I love it.  I till the earth with my hands to bring the bounty of the earth to our table.  I day-dream of flowers because they add beauty and softness to our lives.  Certainly, the food is a welcome addition to our table, easing the strain on the grocery budget.  I enjoy knowing where our food came from and how it was raised.  The food tastes better when you’ve cared and raised it from a seedling.  But I do not have to plant and harvest.

Sisters half a world away, they have to garden.  It is often a matter of life and death, or at least a choice between sickness and health.  Mothers, wives, daughters, aunts carefully tuck seeds into the ground, praying for the food it will bring.  But what if they have no space of their own to grow their food?  What if they don’t know how to till the earth or water the tender shoots?  There are people standing ready to teach them.  A community water point has already been built.  Can we join with those mothers, wives, daughters, and aunts, hand-in-hand across oceans and continents, to provide a community garden?  To give their families the nourishing food they need, food that can change their lives, save their lives?  The door is standing open.

Update: By God’s grace and the generosity of so many, the garden has already been funded!!  Visit the Maumbane Community Center site at Pure Charity for other ways you can be involved.

Five Minute Friday

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  1. Thanks for the update on Lisa Jo’s garden and community in Africa; I hadn’t been back to her site to read that. Last summer we planted tomatoes and then my hubby got sick; God willing, we can plant new plants at our new home (we move in March!) and be able to enjoy them all. Thanks for visiting me, too.


  2. Popping in from 5-minute Friday. My husband recently also fell in love with gardening so I, too have enjoyed the “beauty & softness” it adds to our lives. Like you mentioned though, it’s so different when it’s a hobby, not something we have to do. Thanks for including the update in your post – isn’t amazing what this community can do?

    Jen at

  3. Saw your name in the Five Minute Friday linkup and had to stop by!! 🙂 So nice to “visit.” I’ve never been a fan of gardening, but attempted it for the first time last year! I liked it enough that I’m trying again! 🙂 I loved your words as you tied your garden together with those in South Africa! Beautiful words, friend!!

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