Five Minute Friday


Five Minute Fridays is an online community of writers who take five minutes each week to write on a topic provided by our lovely hostess, Lisa-Jo Baker.  It’s a place for creativity, reflection and inspiration fueled by the freedom to write whatever comes to mind with the encouragement of other FMF participants.  Enjoy!

Topic: RED

My favorite color… vibrant, bold, full of energy.  Quite an odd choice for this shy introvert!  It’s the color that always looks good on me, the color I love to use when I decorate (no room is complete without a touch of red!).

But it is more than a pretty color.  Red represents family, heritage, memories of those who loved me.  My dad also likes red – as much as an outdoorsy construction worker has color preferences.  And his mom, my Grandma, loved red.  It was her favorite color, and rarely do I wear red and not think of her.  She was lovely and loving and I miss her terribly sometimes.  She was a woman of faith who prayed diligently for her children and grandchildren.  She would not let us walk in her house without giving her a “neck hug.”

Red is the color of love.


About Heather Schlender

Hi! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I am an architect-turned-SAHM of two adorable and energetic kids and wife to an adventure-loving man. I love good books, great coffee, and beautiful architecture. Join me on my journey through fear and faith, doubts and courage, as I discover the life of freedom and joy found in Jesus.

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